All the Incredibly Talented Musical Vine Stars Who Landed Record Deals

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Anyone who’s posted videos on Vine knows that it’s not so easy to go viral. With millions of users all showcasing their skills, gaining worldwide attention requires that special “something” — a gift for comedy, incredible (or incredibly bad) dance moves, or maybe just weirdly huge blue eyes. (We all agree that this is what initially made Nash Grier so popular, right?)

And although we were better off before the app made certain people famous — it’s definitely unfortunate that Carter Reynolds has become a celebrity even though he’s a total a**hole — we still have major excitement and pride for the many talented Viners who’ve scored big-time Hollywood success! Take a look at these Vine singers and rappers who have landed record deals since hitting it big with their 6-second vids:

1. Shawn Mendes — At age 16, Shawn recorded a cover of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me.” The Vine post went viral, and within a few months, Shawn had been contacted by basically all of the top record companies: Island, Republic, Atlantic, Sony, Warner Bros… Not too shabby. In June 2014, he signed with Island Records, and the next month, his four-track debut EP hit No. 1 on iTunes in — wait for it — less than an hour. About two years later, he’s all over the radio with “Stitches,” and we’re all on edge to hear what’s next!

2. Us The Duo — Um, is there anything in the world cuter than a couple that performs beautiful duets? Michael and Carissa Rae Alvarado are married, and their amazing song covers caught the attention of millions of Vine users. They started using Vine in November 2013, and within two months, they’d gained 1.5 million followers. In March 2015, Us The Duo landed a record deal with Republic Records and even performed on the Grammy’s red carpet this year!

3. Ruth Berhe (better known as Ruth B) — This Canadian songstress began posting on Vine in 2013 when she was just 17 years old. Unlike most other Vine singers, Ruth managed to go viral not with a cover of a famous song, but with something she’d written herself. The 6-second snippet was enough for thousands of people to request that she develop the line into a full song. That short clip became her debut single “Lost Boy,” released in January 2015. She’s now signed to Columbia Records, and her first album is due out this year!

4. Bobby Shmurda — This rapper from Brooklyn is responsible for the “Shmoney dance,” which he performed in a Vine to his song “Hot N***a.” Both the song and dance went viral in 2014; even Beyonce and Drake have done the Shmoney dance on stage! Soon after the song and dance blew up on the Internet, Bobby signed a record deal with Epic Records. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived; Bobby is currently in jail awaiting trial for gang-related crimes.

5. Dawin — In 2014, Dawin posted a clip of his debut single, “Just Girly Things,” and Viners lost it. They started mashing up the song with other videos, and just like that, it went completely viral. That was enough to attract attention from major record companies, and later that year, he signed with Republic Records. Two years later, we all know him best for his 2015 single “Dessert.” When the official music video came out, he posted, “It all started on Vine.” Aw.

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