7 Times the Original Members of MAGCON Fought with Each Other

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NAGCON, or the Meet & Greet Convention, was one of the most popular web star tours of all time. The original group of Viners included in the tour seemed to be the best in the biz: Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack and Jack (A.K.A. Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson), Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Jacob Whitesides, Hayes Grier and just one girl named Mahogany Lox.

Even though they referred to themselves as the “MAGCON Family,” it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies for the group of self-proclaimed “social media influencers.” While they’d had some small disagreements here and there basically since the group was formed, all the drama reached a peak in April 2014, when some of the biggest names decided to drop the tour, leaving MAGCON in shambles. There’s bound to be commotion whenever you put a group of big personalities together, but the drama that went down behind the scenes just might take the cake for some of the most fascinating (and confusing) celebrity feuding that’s ever happened.