Vine Stars Come Out as Gay & Reveal They’ve Been Secretly Dating for Years

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Instagram (@huntrherring)

Instagram (@huntrherring)

As we’ve seen in various online stars’ coming-out videos, the decision to put yourself out there for the world to criticize is (understandably) incredibly scary. But even though Vine stars Hunter Herring and Tyler Matl were nervous to post their video, they said they were “so happy to finally share [their] truth” with viewers.

Hunter, who gained fame on various social media platforms including Instagram, Vine and Twitter under the pseudonym phuckwhattheythink, and Tyler, who is a Viner and singer who actually toured with Jacob Whitesides, came out as gay together in their first-ever joint YouTube video a few weeks ago.

“We’ve actually been together for almost two years now, but we decided that now is the right time to finally come out,” the 22 year old said. “We feel like so many people, not just with being gay, have a problem accepting themselves and loving who they are for who they are.”

The 21 year old continued to reveal that he and Hunter had recently moved in together, and that’s what really inspired them to create a joint YouTube channel.

“This is a new adventure for us. This is a new chapter in our relationship, and we want to take you guys for the ride with us.”

Since they first posted their coming-out video, Tyler and Hunter have posted a series of others, including hilarious bloopers, the Yoga Challenge, the Boyfriend Tag, and many more.


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