What the -?! Vine Star Arrested After Holding Girlfriend Hostage at Gunpoint

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Lets be real; it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t kick off 2016 with a fresh, new scandal involving the very finest of Vine stars. This time, the subject being 25-year-old Viner slash aspiring rapper slash porn star (*cringe*), Bryan Silva, who was arrested at his home on Monday and “charged with abduction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.” New year, same s***.

After his 17-year-old girlfriend (excuse as while we gag at that age gap) escaped from the scene of the crime (a.k.a. Bryan’s home), she fled and went straight to the police telling them that the Virginia native had threatened her with a gun and threatened to shoot the police.

The Vine star, however, was not going down without a fight. When cops showed up, he stayed stationed in his house for hours. Finally, after using chemical irritants to get him out, he was arrested, sans pants, because obviously, and convicted soon after.

For the social media sensation, this not-so shockingly wasn’t his first rodeo. Actually, after being convicted in 2005, he spent three years in jail for assault and breaking and entering. What a winner.

Needless to say, many have taken to Twitter to share how not-at-all shocked they are by the news (same, TBH).

The trial is set for March 3, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the viral Viner’s fate may be. Until then, let us know what you think of his ridiculous antics in the comments below.

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