7 Super-Adorable Vine Kids Who Seriously Deserve Their Own TV Shows

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Vine has given us the gift of 6-second comedy — endless scrolling of clip after clip, some mediocre, some funny and a select few GENIUS — more often than we can count. But even with millions of loops to a Viner’s name, it’s incredibly difficult to make the jump from Vine fame to legit star status. And let’s be totally honest here: A bunch of the kids who become famous off the video-sharing app end up being real d-bags. (Still cannot believe that Carter Reynolds made himself into a pseudo-celebrity. Disgusting).

So we can all agree, then, that the most deserving Vine stars are still waiting to be discovered. Many of them are still super young, which means they could have entire careers ahead of them. (TFW you relate to a ten-year-old boy wearing a shag rug as a wig harder than you’ve ever related to anyone in your life). Hey, casting agents out there, wake up! These are the kids we would actually watch if they landed their own TV shows:

1. Ava Ryan — This one can be summed up real fast: Ava is our spirit animal. At five years old, the preschooler knows what really matters in life: Sushi, shopping, and chillin’ on cruises. Plus, she’s a master of exiting uncomfortable scenarios, like when you forget about Valentine’s Day and have to improvise. (“I care about you. Here’s some pine cones on a stick. It’s — they’re lovely.”) She is our personal queen.

2. Avocado Kid — The 6-second clip of a little boy enthusiastically unwrapping an avocado went viral during Christmastime 2015. It left us with so many questions: Who is he? Who gave him the avocado? Did his other presents live up to the legacy of this incredible gift? We would pay a significant amount of money to watch a reality show starring this little guy. SO CUTEEEEE!

3. Brandon Bowen — This. Kid! Given his 3.3 million followers and almost two BILLION loops, it’s pretty shocking if you haven’t heard of Brandon yet. But in case you’re in the dark, the young comedian is known for his super-short skits, in which he plays multiple characters that range from Troy Bolton to a southern grandmother. Who do we need to talk to to get him on Saturday Night Live?

4. Elliott Smith — Elliott’s mom launched her Vine account a few years ago, but she realized pretty quickly that viewers were way more interested in her son than they were in her! This kid has the comedic timing of a young Jimmy Fallon, and it’s probably only a matter of time before he gets scooped up by Disney Channel. Also, he’s really nearsighted and now wears huge thick glasses, so the cuteness is officially unbearable.

5. “Do It For The Vine” Girl — Sorry, Bella Thorne and Zendaya; this girl should’ve been the pint-sized star of Shake It Up! Or maybe she could’ve joined the Dance Moms crew, just to make things interesting. The point is, this girl has MEGA dance star potential, and we want to see it on our TVs!

6. Tuba Fail Kid — Middle school marching band gets the worst of all of us. Let’s just first state the obvious: The wavy blonde throwback-Justin-Bieber hair makes this kid a prime candidate for his own Nickelodeon show. And that facial expression when his proud tuba moment becomes a total fail? DEFINITE Nick material. In an ideal world, this guy and Jeannette McCurdy team up for some comedy gold.

7. Adele’s Tiniest Fan — Yes, this kid only says one word, but that word is EVERYTHING! When Adele sang her famous “Hello,” baby Jalal’s first instinct was to respond with an adorable, “Hi,” right back. Would you not be willing to watch an entire 30 minutes of this little thing responding to all sorts of song lyrics? Would you not want to hear him converse back and forth with a Miley Cyrus song? Answer: NO WAY! Exactly.

And one more Ava Ryan clip, just because.  This one’s called “When you find the right dress,” and it is true life.

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