EXCLUSIVE: 10 Things You Must Know About Vine Stars, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson!

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Most 18-year-old boys are busy playing video games and figuring out how often you really need to wash your jeans. But for Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, aka Jack and Jack on Vine, being normal teenagers is easier said than done.

The Internet superstars have over 4 million followers on the video app and are about to hit the road on this year’s DigiTour, a nationwide celebration of online icons. Think about it — more than 4 million people are ob-sessed with J&J’s six-second funny videos. INSANITY!

We recently chatted with the guys to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on becoming Vine famous, as well as took a peek into their crew of other Internet sensations. Click through the gallery below to read our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jack and Jack and be sure to catch ’em this summer when the DigiTour stops by your area!