PLL had quite the dramatic mid-season ending and there are a ton of A-related theories? first let?s break down the episode called Now You See Me, Now You Don?t…

  • Julia

    OMG I really think ezra is A. My theory is this, ok we no ezra loves his whiskeys and the same one he drank was all over Jason’s porch in one episode. Also speaking of his whiskeys in one episode there were four whiskey bottles with the girls on them. There were two A’s and one of them I’m guessing cece spins a bottle and it lands on aria. Then the other A changes it I’m guessing ezra. Also remember the time when jason was giving a 50,000 dollar reward to anyone that knew info on Ali’s remains. Well a few episodes later ezra had lots of money in his sock drawer. I think Ezria is real but ezra is still A!

  • Julia

    There are so many clues that Ezra is A! OMG I’m so sad

  • Ameerah Ali

    I refuse to believe Ezra is A. :(

  • Julia

    Mabye he isn’t A I hope not

  • beAutiful liAr

    I knew it!! Since the very beginning!! I KNEW IT!!! I had a feeling!! Then I was like ok I’m being obsessed no he’s not! AND NOW BOOM!!! HE IS!!!!! I knew it!!!

    also I can’t wait for the girls to be reunited with Ali and I also knew she was alive !!!!