3 oh 3 just came out with a new Musis Saves Lives PSA, and I’vegot the details right here on Clevver Music. Hey guys I’m Brian Corsetti and you’re watching Clevver Music. The boulder Colorado duo 3 oh 3 is starting to end 2011 on a great note. They have a new song, “Robot,” releasing on iTunes on June 28th and then will be on Loveline Tuesday, June 21st – answering your sex and relationship questions with Dr. Drew . However they are making headlines for recently posting a Music Saves Lives PSA on their Facebook page. All the voice overs are done by them, plus it’s for a good cause. You have to check out the link and our story info to get clued in for the adult swim PSA. Also remember to let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching Clevver music youre number 1 place to watch music news on Youtube. I’m Brian Corsetti and I’ll see you next time.