Hailee Steinfeild caught in a controversy…stay tuned, Clevver Movies has the naked truth! Hey guys, Tatiana here for Clevver Movies with the latest on Romeo and Juliet. The movie remake of Romeo and Juliet has been the center of quite the controversy this week. A British paper some how got copies of the script and printed some pretty riske excerpts which call for some nudie scenes with fourteen year old star Hailee Steinfeld. According to Entertainment Weekly, the director of the film, Carlo Carlei has confirmed that the scene causing such a stir has been revised. Carlei states, “This script was written with a 20 year old actress in mind. As soon as Hailee was cast, all nudity and love making have been excised from the script.” Do you guys think they did the right thing by taking those scenes out? Let us know what you think by commenting below and be sure to follow us at clevver movies for all of your movie updates.