Zendaya Coleman & Best Friend/Niece Zink on Teen Vogue‘s ‘Besties’ (VIDEO)

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to be best friends with Zendaya, there are a few people you could ask: 1. Her Shake It Up! co-star, Bella Thorne. 2. The editors of Teen.com (because DUH!). 3. Her niece, Zink. Out of all the aforementioned names, though, you should probably reach out to Zink because she’s not only her BFF, she’s family.

On the latest episode of Teen Vogue‘s ‘Besties’ series, the 17-year-old “Replay” singer and her niece, who happens to be about a year and a half older than her dad’s sister, Z, talk about their close relationship (while on a fun manicure date, natch). Zendaya says, “We have all the inside jokes you could ever imagine; we have all the memories for, like, four lifetimes. And I think it’s kinda cool that my best friend in the whole wide world happens to be related to me.”

For all of the Coleman family fun, check out the Teen Vogue video above!

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