Flashback Friday: Zac Efron Cries on ‘Summerland’

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Happy Flashback Friday! As we’re sure many of you probably know, before Zac Efron became a household name, he starred on a little show called Summerland. The family comedy-drama centered on a trio of siblings whose parents died, leaving them under the care of their aunt and uncle who lived in a beach town called — you guessed it — Summerland.

Zac’s character was a love interest of the daughter on the show, and he got a chance to stretch his dramatic acting muscles. Case in point? We dug up this old video of Zac’s character crying as he has an argument with her, and it’s sad and cute and funny and weird all at the same time. So, to celebrate Flashback Friday, watch the video above!

Did you watch Summerland when it aired? Sound off in the comments section!

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