Revisit Every. Single. Time. Zac Efron Was Shirtless On Screen (VIDEO)

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A wonderful, incredible person made a Zac Efron video that will literally change your life. In honor of his new movie Neighbors, which hit theaters this past Friday, we present to you a compilation of every time Zac’s been shirtless on the big screen. Every. Single. Time. Happy freakin’ Monday, everyone!

If you’ve gotten tired of watching Zac’s MTV Movie Awards striptease, which we’re not quite sure is possible, this is the video for you. You’ll see Zac in various stages of being without a shirt — underwater, in a bed, on a beach, in a hospital, and, our personal fave, while shooting hoops. The list goes on and on!

To make things a little more interesting for yourself, try to pick out each movie the scenes come from. Or, ya know, you could not and just enjoy the moments. No judgement here, people. Check it out!

You’ll Never Be Able to Look at Zac Efron the Same Again