YouTuber Who Burnt Her Hair Explains How It Got Her In Trouble

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Everyone has been talking about the poor girl on YouTube who burnt her hair off during a tutorial, and as if burning her hair off wasn’t enough, she’s explaining how the video actually got her into some big trouble. Tori stopped by Ellen recently, and gave the talk show host some background on the now infamous video that has over 12 million views (and counting).

Apparently, Tori shot the hair-burning video back in October, but had some bad grades, so her parents took the laptop away from her. She recently got the computer back, and found the ill-fated video and was “cracking up” as she watched it, so she decided to put it on Facebook. However, she wasn’t supposed to have a Facebook, and since the video became a viral sensation, the parents obviously found out about her secret Facebook account, and grounded her!

She might be grounded and burnt some of her hair off, but at least she got to meet Ellen, right? And as per usual, Ellen hooks up Tori with some awesome gifts. Watch the rest of the interview above!

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