Watch Brad Pitt in the Trailer for Zombie Movie ‘World War Z’ (VIDEO)

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Now that the vampires and werewolves trend is dying down in the land of film — thanks to the upcoming ending to The Twilight Saga — it’s time for the rise of new creatures. Like zombies. In Paramount’s new, face-paced flick, World War Z (which is reminiscent of Transformers and I Am Legend), the human world is being taken over by the walking dead in what looks like the most epic pandemic of all time. Fortunately, Brad Pitt’s around to save the world as we know it day after leaving his family to rescue, well, everyone.

The movie hits theaters on June 21, 2013. If you want to know more about the impending apocalypse, read World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks and/or watch the trailer above!

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