Willow Smith Releases New Single ‘Sugar & Spice’

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Willow Smith is getting deep with her latest single. Though the 12-year-old daughter of Will Smith is best known for her poppy single “Whip My Hair,” her latest tune is a slow tune called “Sugar & Spice.” The lyrics certainly have meaning, and it partially takes on bullying. In part of the song, you hear audio of people critquing her, and how she won’t let it get her down. Read some of the lyrics below:

I try to be sugar and spice
But I’m melancholy, I can’t do anything right
The monsters under my bed keep making noise at night
I just want silence, silence
But I can’t try this
I bet you think you know, that you’re so close
You’re miles away, I can hear your thoughts

Predicting motions or your next move, I’m right in front of you
Your mouth is moving but you don’t move
Take a swing at me, I’ll fight
Till the death, my light is bright

Take a listen to the whole song above. What do you think of Willow’s new single? Let us know in the comments.

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