Watch Willow Smith’s Just-Released “F Q-C #7” Music Video

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It seems like just yesterday we were cringing over Willow Smith’s inapprops duet with her brother Jaden, but now, more than a year later, we’re scratching our heads at yet ANOTHER Willow project!

For the first time 2011, the 14-year-old singer has released a brand-new music video for her song, “F Q-C #7” (aka Frequency Number Seven), and while we’re pretty pumped that she’s showing off her talent again, we have to admit it’s pretty effing weird. Between xylophones and face paint, Willow has gone ALL out to make her return to the music video world memorable.

And besides the interesting instruments and accessories, you’ll notice that there are four different Willows present throughout the vid. She explained to Fader that those characters “represent [her] Chakras. Yellow is self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me).”

Interesssssting. Say what you will about Willow (lol — no pun intended), but there’s absolutely no denying she’s SUPER talented. Here are the lyrics for “F Q-C #7:”

How you feelin’?
How you feelin’?

I’ve been goin’ all week doin’ my class now
I’m just gettin’ so weak
I’m just climbin’ on trees and skippin’ my class now
Don’t place your blame on me

One and a two and a three, three, four
People knockin’ at, knockin’ at my door now
I don’t want it to get bad

But let me tell you right now

I’ve been goin’ all week doin’ my class, tell you right now
Tell you right now

How you feelin’?
How you feelin’?

After I give you that amethyst crystal under your pillow now
How you feelin’?
I saw you walkin’ down the hall
I knew it was you but my mouth didn’t call
I thought that I wasn’t the one that you wanted
Until I went onto your inspir and done it
I just done it

Let me tell you, tell you right now
I’ll tell you right now

I’ve been climbin’ in trees and jumpin’ in creeks, tell you right now
Well tell you right now

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