Whoa! 9-Year-Old Gets Super Deep About the Universe

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Jeez, this kid really knows what he’s talking about! Recently, a 9-year-old started discussing the great depths and complexities of life and the universe, and someone genuisly decided to record it. Not only does he make some great points, but we have to give him some major props, since most 9-year-olds mostly have video games and having fun on the brain.

So, what was some of the wisdom that he dropped? “The earth is just one planet in the galaxy. You could compare that to an ant on the patio in this backyard.” The camera then pans to the ant, and the kid continues, “The ant doesn’t know that there’s more than the patio. He just keeps walking. He doesn’t know he’s part of a big world.” He also shares his thoughts on whether or not life exists on other planets, and much more.

Watch it for yourself above!

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