One Direction Meets The US Women’s Gymnastic Team in this “What Makes You Flexible” Youtube Parody!

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Like most of the world, we watched the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team aka The Fab Five take home the gold medal in the team finals at the 2012 London Olympics on Tuesday night. And, by ‘watched’ we mean screamed/cried/had panic attacks at the TV, BTW! If you tuned into the competition, you probably saw tons of awesomely inspirational videos about the girls that could leave even the toughest person on the verge of tears. And, as per youge, the internet was quick to jump on the gymnastics support train with tons of Youtube vids, but our personal fave is NOC‘s One Direction ‘“What Makes You Beautiful’ USA Gymnastics Parody!” It’s maybe a little weird that this old dude is talking about teenage girls’ flexibility and stuff, but we wonder if Aly, Jordyn, Kyla, McKayla and Gabby have seen the vid? We’re sure they’d love, too!

Watch it above and be sure to tell us what you think of the vid (and Team USA) below!

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