Teen Visits the ‘Warm Bodies’ Set!

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Last week, Joey Graceffa got to interview the cast of Warm Bodies at the film’s press junket, but back in November 2011,  Teen got to send a reporter to interview the cast on set! That’s right, not only did we get to chat with the lovely Teresa Palmer in between takes, but we got to talk to (and meet!) Nicholas Hoult in all his zombie glory. In addition to interviewing the cast, our reporter got to go through a zombie transformation and be an extra in the film! Pretty cool! During their chat, Nicholas talked a bit about the movie, and Teresa gave advice on how she keeps her cool while working with hotties like Nick and Dave Franco (who also stars). We even spoke with the director, Jonathan Levine, on how he balanced a rom com with a zombie twist. Watch the video above to see the whole interview, and make sure you see Warm Bodies when it hits theaters on February 1!