War Horse Hottie Jeremy Irvine Plays ‘Would You Rather’. And It’s Kinda Hysterical.

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Christmas week is always a really big week for movies. And this year, it’s not only a really big week for movies, but it’s an epic week for some of the up-and-coming stars of those movies, like Jeremy Irvine from War Horse and Rooney Mara from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Our slight obsession with Rooney aside, Jeremy is definitely THE ONE to watch in 2012 and here’s why: 1) We already saw War Horse, it was amaze-ing, and it made us cry 2) He’s a cutie 3) His next movie Now is Good co-stars Dakota freakin’ Fanning and 4) He’s British. ‘Nuff said.

Listen to that British accent over and over again as he talks about really important things like hanging out with One Direction over The Jonas Brothers in a little game we like to call we made him play called ‘Would You Rather…? America Vs. England’!

What's cuter than a guy with a horse? REALLY?!

Will you be checking out War Horse this weekend? What do you think of Jeremy? And what would you rather choose. The list is below for you to copy and paste into the comments!

Burgers & Fries OR Fish & Chips

Football OR Polo

Puppy OR Horse

Twilight OR Harry Potter

Jonas Brothers OR One Direction

World Series OR Royal Wedding