Guess Which Wizards Of Waverly Place Star Is Headed Back To Disney!

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David Henrie is headed back to his home with Disney! Well, kinda…The first trailer for DH’s new film, Walt Before Disney, was just released and now we can officially say he’s closer to the big mouse than ever before!

The film is based on Timothy Susani’s book with the same name and chronicles the years leading up to Walt Disney’s inevitable success. Although you think you may know a lot about Walt’s life, it’s clear from the trailer that there’s much that has gone unsaid for years and years.

Here’s the book’s official summary:

For ten years before the creation of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney struggled with, failed at, and eventually mastered the art and business of animation. Most biographies of his career begin in 1928, whenSteamboat Willie was released. That first Disney Studio cartoon with synchronized sound made its main character–Mickey Mouse–an icon for generations.

But Steamboat Willie was neither Disney’s first cartoon nor Mickey Mouse’s first appearance. Prior to this groundbreaking achievement, Walt Disney worked in a variety of venues and studios, refining what would become known as the Disney style.

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