Voldemort’s Vines Funny Video, Harry Potter YouTube Spoof, Parody

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Vine is one of the top social media apps at the moment. So much so, that even in the world of Harry Potter, where owls are used instead of cell phones to relay messages, its technology is utilized. Including by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Courtesy of #VoldyVines, we can see Tom Riddle himself (or, at least a spoof version) getting his Vine on with arch nemesis Harry Potter, pet snake Nagini, and even Amanda Bynes. Hmm, maybe The Dark Lord should head on over to the new Diagon Alley with his phone. Can you imagine all the Vines we’d get from there?

Watch what would happen if Voldemort actually got a Vine via the video above. Expecto go away!

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