Vinny Guadagnino Tells Us What’s To Come “If” Snooki Shows Up For Jersey Shore Season 6!

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When we heard that Jersey Shore was a go for season 6, we were all sorts of confused. Isn’t Snooki pregnant? Isn’t The Situation recovering from alcohol addiction? So we went straight to the source, aka Vinny Guadgnino, to get the scoop on the new season and how things are going to change in Seaside this time around — “if” Snooki shows up. Vinny’s words, not ours.

Plus, the Vinster told us if he wants Snooki to have a guido or guidette. Find out what he said in the vid!

Are you going to watch the new season of JS, with or without Snooki? Do you hope Snooki has a boy or a girl?

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