Watch the ‘Victorious’ Music Video for “Here’s 2 Us!”

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If you thought Victorious“L.A. Boyz” was fun, 1. you’re right, but 2. you haven’t seen the cast’s music video for “Here’s 2 Us” yet. In the new MV, Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas III croon the pop track from the now-released Victorious 3.o: Even More Music From the Hit TV Show album, while never-before-seen footage from the hit Nick show weaves in and out. Watch it above, and make sure to sing along with the lyrics below!

Here’s to the Mondays
Watching all the cars on the freeway
I ain’t got a thing to do
Can I sit here next to you?
And oh oh ohhh

Yeah, I kinda wish I got paid
’cause my card got maxed out yesterday
Could you give me a shot?
And I’ll work with what I got
Not a dollar in my pocket but I rock it like I ain’t broke.
You know?

Here’s to us uh-oh
Here’s to us
Here’s to us uh-oh
Here’s to never winning first place
Here’s to crying on your birthday
Here’s to every single heartbreak
Here’s to us
Here’s to us

Here’s to the mistakes
Somehow they always drop you in the right place
So, let’s go another round
Till the sky is falling down
And we’ll laugh at all the shakers and movers
Now who’s the loser?
What a joke.

I’m a player, I’m a hater
But I swear you would never know
’cause I got a smile on
I’m an ex-con
That just got off parole
Could’ve been a contender, a pretender
Like Brando play the role
But I’m not so what? And that’s just how it goes.

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