Victoria Justice Responds to Her Promposal

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Will she or won’t she?! Victoria Justice recently got asked to attend New Jersey teenager Max Whitmore‘s high school prom on May 11 — via a very intricate YouTube “promposal” — and finally has responded to his ask!

Victoria herself went on YouTube to respond the the request, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she can make it! However, she did offer to meet him for a lunch the next time she’s in New York. To which Max responded on Twitter, “even though it won’t work, you’re so sweet! Thanks so much for considering it. I’d love to grab lunch with you sometime :)”  Such a good sport!

We have to admit, it’s not as hilarious as Joe Jonasresponse to getting asked to a sorority formal, but it’s sweet nonetheless! Watch the video above to see Victoria’s response!

WDYT of Promposals?