Victoria Justice and Max Schneider’s Holiday Medley (VIDEO)

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You should be used to Victoria Justice collaborating with Kurt and Max Schneider by this point — remember their Maroon 5 medley? — yet their latest collab could give you the chills (and not just because they’re singing about snow throughout a majority of the performance). Chestnuts are roasting; sleigh bells are jingling; it’s a very, merry Christmas/holiday season with the frequent trio.

Kurt says of the joint production on his YouTube channel, “Max, Victoria and I had such an awesome time making the last 2 Medleys, so we had to go for the trifecta and do a new medley! In case you guys were wondering, there is no video effects trickery going on here, we played back a video on each of the phones and then we filmed it all in one take! In order to pull this off, we needed phones with super-sharp beautiful screens, so big thanks to Sprint for sending us phones that look awesome!

It was no easy task pulling this off, but with the help of some very talented people, we did! THANK YOU so much to everyone who worked on it!”

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