Victoria Justice ‘Gold’ Video

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Victoria Justice has dropped the music video for her single “Gold,” and it’s pretty adorable! Joined by former Teen Wolf hottie Colton Haynes, the two get close and make for one adorable couple. Too bad they’re not dating IRL, right?

During the vid, Victoria makes a few trendy outfit changes, and rides around with Colton in a pretty sweet ride. And there’s plenty of, well, gold, featured throughout the vid. We like the part where Victoria blows the gold sparkles in Colton’s face!

Check out some of the lyrics below.

I’ve tried to let it go
But these butterflies I can’t ignore
Cause every time that I look at you
Know we’re in a catch 22
We’ve been friends for so long but I
Need to tell you what’s on my mind
I’m sick and tired of playing games
‘Cause I know that you feel the same

I Know you inside out, so I’m asking now
Take a chance on me
How much clearer can I be?

Hey, boy, watcha gonna do
If you want me like I want you, then man up and make your move
I’m Gold, Gold
You, me, good as can be, want to be more than your company
So bet your money on me
I’m Gold, Gold

Watch the video for yourself above, and tell us what you think of it in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our episode of My Day. My Life. with Victoria below!

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