Tyler Oakley Interviews One Direction! They Talk First Kisses & More!

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It’s the moment so many Directioners have been waiting for — Tyler Oakley has finally met the boys of One Direction! And we made it happen! That’s right, we sent our pal Tyler to NYC so he could attend the press junket for One Direction: This Is Us, and it’s safe to say that we captured absolute MAGIC on screen.

There are plenty to-die-for moments in this interview, but one of the best has to be when Tyler gifted the guys with — wait for it — homemade flower crowns. They all look fabulous, if we do say so ourselves. Niall even says that the flower crown matched Tyler’s hair. *SWOON*


After the gifts are exchanged, the boys really get the interview started — by talking about their first kisses! In the movie, Harry describes his as “steamy” but what do the other fellas have to say about THEIR respective first kisses? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Not only do they chat about that, but Tyler gets Niall to pick his fave tattoo of his mates, and much, MUCH more! Watch the video above to watch it all go down! What’s your favorite moment from the video? Tell us in the comments section!