The “Friday” of 2013: Tweenchronic’s “Skip Rope” Music Video

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Thanks for the laughs, Ark Music Factory! The same producer, Patrice Wilson, who brought you the YouTube songs you can’t stop singing along to, like Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” and Nicole Westbrook‘s “It’s Thanksgiving,” is back with another, uhh… catchy — yeah, catchy is a good word — tune that is sure to perk up your day.

Unlike the aforementioned titles, “Skip Rope” is not about a specific day of the week or holiday. Instead, the track is about a childhood favorite, jumping rope. In the “Skip Rope” music video, Alison and Stacey of Tweenchronic jam out to the best (slash worst?) move since the Dougie. So ‘do the Skip Rope’ with the young duo above. (Personally, the kid with the fake mustache selling candy bars might be our fave part.) Oh, and just in case you’re dying to know the lyrics, we’ve got ’em for you below!

Alison and Stacey
Oh yeah, oh yeah
We’re gonna teach you how to Skip Rope
So grab your ropes and let’s do the Skip Rope

Skip Rope, Skip Rope
Lemme see you, lemme see you
Do the Skip Rope
Skip Rope, Skip Rope
Lemme see you, lemme see you
Do the Skip Rope

We can be anything that we want to be
Won’t back down, don’t roll with the crowd
Like a jumprope, we can never be broke
Twisted and never better forever

I’m down for whatever
That makes me clever, I’m not under the weather
’cause I will not be another endeavor
Breakin’ it down for my hometown
Crank up the sound
Break up the sound ’til your speakers blow
It’s still the first round

Don’t care where you’ve been, we came to win
Showing our best, better than the rest
Got your back, no looking back
Hard to the beat
Haters gonna take us

Don’t care what I’ve been through
I can make it seem true
Pitty pitty, boo hoo
Time to get it on my move
Time to get it on my move
Know the feelin call it juice
Can’t let go
Gotta keep my grip on the road
Won’t fall
Can’t stop
Standin’ tall

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