Watch an Exclusive Bonus Clip from Tomorrowland, Featuring Britt Robertson

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If you haven’t already watched the story of fictional heroine Casey Newton, a “sort of a technical whiz,” in Britt Robertson‘s own words, come to life via Tomorrowland, you’re in luck! You’ll be able to bring the young girl who dreamed big — like, we’re talking NASA big — home with you sooner than you may think.

Tomorrowland, based on one of Disney’s fun real-life attractions, is about to release its Blu-ray edition, so the excitement is just getting started. For one thing, we’ve got an exclusive bonus clip from behind the scenes of the 2015 film! In the 44 seconds of footage, you get to hear what the 25-year-old star was like on set, straight from the cast and crew — including George Clooney!

The veteran actor says, “This is the first time for her to do something on this scale, so she was really put through the ringer on every level. And she did it like a champ.”

Tomorrowland‘s Blu-ray release is out on October 13. Until then, watch the exclusive bonus feature clip above!

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