Tim Urban Writes Future Break-Up Song for Taylor Swift & Harry Styles a.k.a. Haylor (VIDEO)

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Call it far-fetched prediction if you’d like, but we’re gonna go out on a limb and say that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles‘ relationship (a.k.a. Haylor) won’t last forever. And it appears that we’re not the only ones who are willing to make that statement. On his YouTube channelAmerican Idol alum Tim Urban pokes fun at the singing couple in what he refers to as Tay’s future break-up song for the One Direction cutie.

He says in the vid, “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles — well, they’re together I guess. I don’t know. But there’s been a lot of people who are wondering what song she’s going to write about him since she has this — I don’t know — track record of writing songs about the boys that she’s dating and then not dating anymore… I personally had an idea of what that song just might sound like.”

Watch the parody above, then check out some of the funny lyrics!

He was the wrong direction
With a beautiful face
He made me smile on those December days
I thought for sure that we had something here
But now he’s gone to steal some poor girl’s tears

It serves me right for thinking he was different
It serves me right for never ever listening
But next time, there won’t be a next time for him
And he can keep his accent

Do you think it’s mean? Or more like inevitable? Tell us your honest opinions in the comments below or on our Taylor Swift message board!

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