Theo James Talks ‘Divergent’ & His Butt at Comic-Con!

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Who DOESN’T want to start off their day hearing Theo James talk about his butt cheeks? Yeah, that’s what we thought. During Thursday’s Divergent madness at Comic-Con (read what Teen live blogged here!), our friends over at ClevverTV caught up with the hunky actor who plays Four in the upcoming movie, where they talked about a number of topics.

One of which, of course, was Four’s highly anticipated shirtless scenes. (Hard-hitting journalism, here, you guys). And while Theo wouldn’t reveal much — no pun intended — he did joke around about people seeing one of his but cheeks in the movie, mentioned he “doesn’t know,” and thinks people might only get to see “the back.”

He jokingly continued, “There is one shot, that’s just one of my butt cheeks. Yeah, it’s kind of a fleeting shot, and it’s kind of integral to the part.” That’s worth the price of admission right there!

Theo also discussing his character, the process of getting Four’s many tattoos put on — which he describes as “quite sexy” — and more! Watch the video above!

Does this Comic-Con stuff get you pumped for Divergent to hit the big screen on March 21, 2014? Sound off in the comments!