The Wanted Spills on Glee, Biebs, And Dating Fans!

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And you thought our first interview with The Wanted was good? Oh, just you wait to see this one, people. Same hot accents and adorable British banter, sure, but at their iHeartRadio tour last week, we asked Nathan, Tom, Jay, Siva and Max the deets on their huge announcement (which we now know is they’re gonna be on American Idol! Yay!), which of their songs would be great on Glee, and if acting a la Big Time Rush is in their future. Oh, and what do they think of the Biebs’ new single?

It’s all in the interview above! Oh, and then check out this pic from their iHeartRadio performance. Hotness.



Which guy of The Wanted is your fave? Are you gonna watch them on Idol next week? Would you wanna see them do a documentary?

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