Listen to The Wanted’s New Song, “I Found You!”

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The guys of The Wanted were just a few of the celebs to attend the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Thursday night (how funny were they presenting with Rebel Wilson?!), and although they didn’t come home with any moonmen (because obviously Best New Artist went to One Direction), they def have a reason to celebrate because their brand-new song, “I Found You,” has just been released! With the success of their previous two US singles, “Glad You Came” and “Chasing the Sun,” the guys had some pretty big shoes to fill with their next potecial mega-hit! All we have to say is who knew they could hit those falsettos? Better watch your back, Justin Bieber! We kid, we kid. So, what do you think? Listen to the song above and let us know if you <3 this one even more than the others or if you don’t think it’s their best. We love honesty here!

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