In Case You’ve Forgotten What It’s Like to Cry Over The Vampire Diaries

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With at least SIX newbies joining the cast of The Vampire Diaries for Season 6, you can guarantee that Mystic Falls as we knew it no longer exists. But, as we learn in the first-ever footage from the upcoming new episodes, there are still some things that will remain untarnished — like Elena’s never-ending love for Damon.

Last we saw, Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett were left on the Other Side as it was destroyed, leaving Nina Dobrev‘s character emotionally distraught (as per usual). Now, it looks like Stefan and the other alive(-ish) members of the community are left to pick up the pieces. “Damon’s gone. You need to say goodbye, too,” says a concerned Stefan to Elena over the phone. Yeah, that’ll go over ~*rEaL*~ well

The Vampire Diaries returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 2. Until then, watch the emotional teaser trailer above. NOTE: We greatly apologize for the poor-quality video. It’s not our fault — blame YouTube!

Oops, We Accidentally Made Nina Dobrev Cry!