The Lonley Island Drops ‘YOLO’ Video

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Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and was part of a Digital Short we won’t soon be forgetting. Teaming up with the hilarious trio The Lonely Island (featuring former SNL cast member Andy Samberg), they take on “YOLO”, or as they sing, “a battle cry of a generation.” If you didn’t already know, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once, which many people use as an excuse for fun or risky behavior (staying out past curfew, not doing homework, etc.) None of which we condone, BTW.

However, these fellas give it a whole new meaning with this insanely catchy tune. Going in the complete opposite of YOLO, they advise listeners to not trust anyone, and live live with extreme caution. Some of the lyrics include:

Never go to loud clubs
cause it’s bad for your ears.
Your friends will all be sorry
when they can’t hear
You know that we are still young,
so hold off on the fun.
Cook your meat ’til it’s done,
cause you only live once.

In fact, at the end of the vid, they give YOLO their own meaning — you outta look out. LOL! Watch the hilarious — and catchy — tune for yourself above.

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