‘The Host’ Interview With Max Irons and Jake Abel

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Are you ready for The Host?! Twilight author Stephenie Meyer‘s latest book-turned-movie doesn’t hit theaters until Friday March 29, but luckily we were able to have our pal Tyler Oakley fill in for our other pal Joey Graceffa, to catch up with the cast of the film. Tyler chatted with them about the movie, and much, much more!

Tyler — who is quite the Twitter aficionado — asked Max Irons and Jake Abel to explain the movie in 140 characters or less, to which Jake said it’s about a “sexy alien invasion.” Oh, color us intrigued!

The trio then got on the topic of aliens (makes sense, right?), and believe it or not, Max totally believes in other life forms. He told Tyler, “The universe is too big. Why would we be at the center of it?” And since aliens take over the bodies of humans in the flick, Tyler asked the guys whose bodies they’d want to take over. Their answers might surprise you! (Hint, think the world’s best rapper — and his adorable daughter!)

The boys also –sort of — kiss and tell when smooching in the rain is brought up, thanks to some steamy scenes from The Host itself. What did the boys have to say about it? Watch the video above to get the full breakdown!

Also, make sure you head to theaters to see The Host when it’s released Friday March 29!