FYI, The The Fault In Our Stars Sequel Involves Ebola

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We have some sad, sad news for The Fault in Our Stars fans; Hazel Grace is sick again, and this time it’s with a disease that’s practically incurable. Well, kinda…

Comedienne Sarah Silverman hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and the stand-out sketch was a spoof off of the movie everyone is still talking about, The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Everything

As expected from the ‘sequel’s’ title, Sarah plays Olive (lol), the lead character who’s sick with Ebola. Once her love Theodore (again, lol) figures out she doesn’t have cancer but instead has a highly contagious, dangerous disease, things get…interesting…

From the outfits to the quotes, the entire video is totally LOL-worthy and most likely made John Green very proud. Check it out!

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