The Click Clique: Jackson Harris & ShayCarl Come Up With a Potential Name for the Flamingo! Best Ep of the Summer!

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So we totally apologize for the lack of a TCC ep on Tuesday, but we hope we can make it up to you with this special, mega, jam-packed, extra long ep of The Click Clique for you today. First, we chatted up ShayCarl of SHAYTARDS fame and the drool-worthy Jackson Harris (who may have named the flamingo!), sat down with up-and-coming singer Kelli, and got another hilar exclusive with Christina Grimmie. PLUS, we give you a chance to score an adorbs FlipCam. (Phew, that was a lot to get out.)

Well, what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

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Was this not the best ep you’ve seen of TCC ever?! What’d you think of our special guests? And what should the flamingo’s name be? Feel free to comment away below!