The Click Clique: Shane Harper Dishes on Cody Simpson. Oh, And Grimmie Raps!

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The Click CliqueSo many clickity-clickable things to talk about with today’s ep of The Click Clique, we don’t know what to mention first! Guess we’ll start out with Christina Grimmie‘s rap skills. She breaks it down with Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” — but does she do it better than her bud, Selena Gomez? Then Janet Krupin showed off her own singing skills to Grimmie’s “Liar Liar,” and we def feel the competition. Finally, Good Luck Charlie cutie Shane Harper stopped by to talk GLC, his music, and about a couple guys named Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance.

Phew! We def didn’t get a chance to talk about everything, so peep the newest ep now!

What’d you think of Grimmie’s rap skills? Was this one of you fave eps of The Click Clique? Feel free to comment away below!