The Click Clique: It’s the Season Finale, Yo!

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It’s the final episode of The Click Clique — EVER! Haha, just kidding. It’s actually just the season finale ep, which means it will not be back next week. Wah! But never fear, because TCC will be back next year! (Yes, we meant to rhyme.) Today we have Zac Efron… ‘s co-star, Maika Monroe. And we gotta say, we want her life! Not only does she get to see ZEfron every day, but she’s also a kiteboarder. We know, it sounded pretty awesome to us, too.

So watch the ep to meet Maika, and get your fill of TCC before it’s all over!

What’d you think of today’s ep? Who was your fave guest of the season? Will you miss Janet? Leave it all in the comments!