The Click Clique: Accio, Janet as Hermione! Plus, We Play Matchmaker for Christina Grimmie…

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Nope, you’re not seeing things. That really is Janet dressed up as Hermione, and yes, we did do a very special Harry Potter edition of The Click Clique today. You’re welcome. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have our usual segment from Christina Grimmie (we do), and our usual guest star (we do), who, might we add, Christina had been hinting at wanting to be “singing buddies” with for a while now. Just look at us at The Click Clique. We are hooking things up!

You know you wanna find out who it is…

In case you couldn’t guess, it’s Greyson Chance! We got Greyson to watch Christina’s plea for a duet and it seems like he is so game. Watch below!

And Janet wasn’t lying! Click right here for a free download of Greyson’s new song, “Heart Like Stone,” or click below!

What’d you think of this ep? Would you like to see a duet between Christina and Greyson?! Tell us in the comments!