The Click Clique: Grimmie Sings a Bit of “Skyscraper,” While Elliot Dishes on Our New Look

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The Click CliqueIn case you haven’t noticed, Teen.com underwent a minor facelift this week. Obvs we’re biased, but we are loving our new look. And we’re not the only ones. The Click Clique‘s fill-in host Elliott Morgan mentions our new look and says it “won’t make your eyes bleed.” Aww, so sweet. Anyway, Christina Grimmie is back again, and when asked about her dream planking location, she said it’d be on top of a… skyscraper. Which led to a mini breakout into Demi‘s song. Finally, newbie singer Mariah McManus also joined the fun to spill on her new album and to sing her new single. It’s all here on the newest episode of The Click Clique!

Did you like Grimmie’s miniature “Skyscraper” rendition? What’d you think of Mariah? Tell us below.