The Click Clique: The (Hot) Guy From Jessie Spills Set Secrets. And Ariana Grande’s Back!

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Yup, that’s right. We got to spend even more time with Ariana Grande on The Click Clique. (Admit it, you’re a little jeal.) And what’s she up to this time? Answering more popcorn questions, of course. But while we could sit here and brag talk about it all day, we also wanted to let ya know that we’ve got a very special guest from Jessie joining us as well: the super-cute doorman (and kinda Jessie’s love interest), Chris Gayla!

So before you watch Ari, catch Chris dishing on all the secrets from the set!

Do you have any Qs for Ariana? Think Chris is kinda cute (we obvi do!)? Leave it all in the comments!