The Click Clique: The Good News? Janet’s Back (Sorta). The Bad News? It’s Grimmie’s. Last. Segment.

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The Click CliqueWe tried to keep ourselves composed while we watched the newest ep of The Click Clique. After all, it was Christina Grimmie‘s last segment. Ever! But then she got all sentimental on us, so we were bawling. On the plus side, our beloved host, Janet Krupin, was “back” and she was joined by Smosh.com‘s Anthony & Ian on the set of Food Battle 2011. (Apparently it’s a big deal, so you should probs check it out.) And movie newbie Madeline Carroll stopped by to dish on her crush, Taylor Lautner!

So much to talk about, but you should def check it out yourself below…

How sad are you that Grimmie’s gone? Are you gonna check out Food Battle 2011? Tell us how you’re really feeling in the comments.