Something Big is Missing from Teen Wolf Season Five (VIDEO)

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We saw this coming, but it doesn’t hurt any less. Back in March, Teen Wolf executive producer, Jeff Davis, revealed that Tyler Hoechlin (AKA Derek Hale) will not be a series regular for the show’s fifth season. He assured fans, however, that Tyler wouldn’t be saying goodbye to show completely, but in the first trailer for TW season 5, he is nowhere to be seen. *starts tearing up almost immediately*

Despite the absence of Derek in the preview, we must say that the upcoming season is going to be freakin’ INTENSE. It’s senior year at Beacon Hills High and, as you probably expected, there’s going to be WAY more drama going down than what happens at a typical high school. Insanity, romance, violence — it’s alllllll here. And, as MTV reminds us, the gang’s gonna have to watch their pack. (pun intended)

The two-part Teen Wolf season 5 premiere airs on June 29th at 10pm ET and June 30th at 9pm ET!

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