Teen Wolf Will Never Look the Same to You After This Moment

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“The doctors will see you now.” While that may seem like a normal sentence (apart from the plural form of ‘doctor’), it’ll never sound the same to you after you watch the first teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Wolf.

While some teasers offer no insight into what you’re going to see on the full-blown TV show or in the big-screen film — remember all those teasers for The Hunger Games movies that just debuted a mockingjay pin caught on fire? — the 20 seconds of footage you’re about to watch are sheer madness, as it features the pack’s latest villains, “The Doctors.”

According to the hit MTV show’s executive producer, Jeff Davis, “It’s very much about our teenagers becoming adults and heading into their senior year. But as always, we bring in some new mysteries and new monsters. I think this season is very much about the line between science and supernatural.”

So far, Season 5 of Teen Wolf does not have an official premiere date, but you can be sure to catch it this summer on MTV. Until then, watch the first official teaser trailer above!

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