‘Teen Wolf,’ Season 3B Promo Sneak Peek Video of Allison and Isaac Kissing

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The first half of Teen Wolf, Season 3 came to a shocking conclusion last night as — *SPOILER* — Jennifer (a.k.a. the Darach) met her end thanks to — *SPOILER* — a not-so-good Peter. But, rather than focus on the rise and fall of those particular characters in the first sneak peek of the latter half of the season, MTV aired a steamy scene between Isaac and Scott's ex, Allison.

If you've been paying attention this season, the two have been getting rather acquainted with one another, so it's plausible that they would take the leap into more romantic territory. The awkward part: Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman had to film this scene after he broke up with her in real life! She recently revealed on Fashion Police, "We just started filming yesterday, and our very first scene was a makeout scene. But the thing is, we had four months between over hiatus, so I did my thing and he did his thing. We're still friends."

Teen Wolf, Season 3B begins on January 6. Would you ship Allisaac? Do you think the actors' personal relaysh will have any effect on the show? Watch the video above in its entirety (because the end is like whoa), then tell us your thoughts, TW fans!

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