Teen Mom’s Maci: It’s “Frustrating and Flattering” That People Name Their Babies Bentley (Exclusive Video)

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If our excitement for tonight’s season premiere of Teen Mom doesn’t come through in this post, maybe this will help: OMG WE CAN’T WAIT! And that’s partly because we chatted with Farrah, Maci, and Catelynn about the new season and they got us even more excited than usual. Why? Because they told us that this time around we can expect to see changes between Maci, Ryan and Kyle, Farrah’s “breast augmentation surgery”, and a “bump in the road” between our fave couple evs, Catelynn and Tyler.

Plus, find out the craziest rumors the girls have heard about themselves, what filming’s like this time around and why dating as a teen mom is, um, not so fun.

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Season 3 premieres tonight at 10 on MTV! Will you watch? What are you most excited to see? And who’s your fave teen mom? Spill it in the comments!