My Day. My Life. With Mollee Gray!

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Can’t wait for the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie to premiere on July 19? Then you’re in luck, because we got to spend an entire day with one of its stars! That’s right, Mollee Gray — who plays a 60’s dancer named Giggles — let our Teen cameras follow her around, and it looks like things are as busy as ever for her!

First, she starts things off by jumping in a pool off of a roof! Is it just us, or was that the best MDML intro EVER?! After that, she heads to a couple of interviews (one at Pop Trigger, the next at Fan La La), and after that she heads to a fitting for an upcoming screening of Teen Beach Movie.

In addition to that, we talked to Mollee about her time as a dancer for all three High School Musicals, where she’d like her career to go, and much more! For more, watch the video above, and make sure to watch Teen Beach Movie when it premieres on Disney Channel Friday July 19!

My Day. My Life. With Big Time Rush!